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Hidden Grounds Coffee

Pre-Order the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate

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Pre-Order the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate – A Rich Blend of Tradition and Taste

Embark on a sensory journey with our upcoming Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate. Currently in the development phase, this concentrate captures the essence of classic Masala Chai with a modern twist. This is a unique opportunity to pre-order and be among the first to experience this exquisite blend.

Please Note: This is a Pre-Order Item We are in the process of meticulously crafting the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate. Your preorder supports our journey from creation to completion. Rest assured, if we do not launch the product, your pre-order payment will be fully refunded.

Product Details:

  • Type: Masala Chai Concentrate
  • Ingredients: A harmonious mix of Cane Sugar, masala spices, and a hint of capsaicin.
  • Packaging: Elegantly presented in a 750ml PET bottle with a 38mm screw closure, secured in a 6x 750ml bottle mother carton.
  • Shelf Life: Designed to last over 1 year at ambient conditions.
  • Location: Crafted and distributed from the Northeast USA.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Spice Blend: The Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate will feature a traditional Indian chai flavor profile, ensuring an aromatic and flavorful experience in every cup.
  • Convenience: It will be a ready-to-use concentrate, designed for effortless chai preparations at any moment.
  • Customizable: You will be able to tailor the strength according to your preference, crafting the perfect chai experience for your taste.
  • Versatility: Whether you're in the mood for a hot brew or an iced refreshment, this concentrate will be ideal for both, adapting seamlessly to your preferences.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Every batch will be brewed with meticulous care, guaranteeing a premium quality product.

How to Enjoy Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate:

  • Classic Masala Chai: Simply mix the concentrate with milk and heat gently for a traditional, rich, and flavorful masala chai.
  • Iced Chai Latte: For a cool twist, combine the concentrate with milk and serve over ice, offering a refreshing chai experience.
  • Culinary Creations: The concentrate will also be perfect for infusing a unique chai flavor into various recipes, from marinades to baking.

Why Choose Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate:

By pre-ordering the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate, you are not just buying a product; you are participating in the birth of a new chai experience. As we develop this concentrate, your support and feedback will be invaluable. Pre-order now to be part of this exciting journey with Hidden Grounds and to be among the first to savor this unique chai blend when it launches.

    Pre-Order the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate
    Pre-Order the Hidden Grounds Chai Concentrate